Here Are 10 Mobile Apps That Are A Boon For The Urban Woman On The Go

The modern woman is always on the go. She is a doting mother, a caring wife, and a thorough professional, readily playing every role of her life with élan. A modern avatar of Shakti, she is multi- tasking more than ever before. At times, though, issues like time management, budgeting and most importantly, her own safety and well-being, keep surfacing in her life in one form or the other, slowing down her fast-paced life.

In an effort to make her life a bit comfortable, we have compiled ten apps, which are a must for every woman to download on her mobile.

Period Tracker Pro – Pink Pad

One of the blessings of modern technology, this app helps you keep track of your menstrual cycle as well as assist in fertility tracking and pregnancy planning. It connects you to the global community of women, thus ensuring a continuous inflow of information and support from women all over the world.

Based on the data provided by you, Pink Pad predicts your upcoming periods so that you can plan your commitments better. It also foretells the days when you would be ovulating, so as to assist you in planning pregnancy. What’s more, it also monitors and track moods, symptoms, weight, and other period-related issues for you!


Taking down notes and making checklists is made easier with this very efficient app, namely Evernote. One can choose from two subscription levels – Evernote Premium and Evernote Plus – as per individual requirements. It is a free app that has offline access, too. It helps in creating a hassle-free work space where you can work-chat, take pictures and share notes at the tap of a finger.

It’s other features include business card scans, tracking expenses, and saving researches and reservations, keeping you more organized than ever before. The next time you want to remember something important, instead of following the mundane drill of making checklists on a piece of paper, simply put it on Evernote!

Nike+ Training Club

The moment you click open this app, it reads ‘Get lean, get strong, get toned.’ This much-needed app motivates and trains you into hundreds of workouts chalked out by the Nike master trainers. You can take pics, get handy tips from the pros, download workouts, and customize them as per your requirements.

By means of Nikefuel and counting the number of workouts, the app gives you a fair peek-a-boo into the average calories burnt. What’s more, the workouts can also be connected to a TV or a tab, for a better viewing experience. We see no reason why this app should not find a space on your smart phone.

Happy Pregnancy Ticker

With a thumping rating of 4.4 stars, this app is a God-sent blessing for all the expecting moms out there. It helps to calculate the due date of delivery and provides information about the fetal age and weeks of an ongoing pregnancy. It also provides random facts and discusses common health problems during pregnancy. It is laced with features like reminders for your next scan or blood diagnosis and scheduling your visits to your doctor.

Also, for women planning to start a family, it has the added feature of an ovulation planner. A journal has also been recently added, wherein one can store their pregnancy memories forever. Just like a concerned well-wisher, this app estimates your pregnancy weight gain and helps you keep it within check.


Himmat, introduced on 1st January 2015, is an initiative by the Delhi police for the safety of the women in the capital. This Android app requires the user to be registered with the Delhi Police website. After registration, the user is sent an OTP, which needs to be entered to complete the registration process.

As for the functioning of the app, it is quite easy and quick. In case of an emergency, the moment the user raises an SOS alert, the app sends the location of the user to the Delhi Police control room. As a result, police help can be extended at the quickest.

Safetipin – Complete Safety App

With features like GPS tracking, Safety Score for places new to you, and pins to show safe and unsafe areas, this one is a super app indeed! Right from contacting friends and family to procuring public emergency numbers from the inbuilt directory, from locating the nearest police station, pharmacy or hospital to sharing information about safety with others, this app has everything imaginable that concerns your safety.

Awarded for ‘Innovation in Communication 2014’, SafetiPin is definitely way beyond the typical safety apps for women.

Issuu – A World Of Magazine

If your idea of a quiet Sunday afternoon is curling up on a couch with the latest editions of your favorite magazines in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other, this app is meant for you. Issuu opens the door to millions of the world’s best magazines and catalogs. Whether you want to try out a new Thai dish to impress your beau, keep abreast with the latest fashion trends, or simply want to stay connected with the global happenings, you can find it all in this one app, and that too for free!You can personalize your feeds and follow publishers of your choice, browse through thousands of educational publications and find catalogs from top names in various fields. The app also enables you to stack collections of your favorite magazines and share them on social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest. So, the next time you feel like hitting your neighbourhood magazine stand, simply reach out to your mobile and tap on this app to feed the reading bug in yous.

ShopSavvy Barcode and QR Scanner

What others call shopping, women call retail therapy. Shopping was never so much fun as it is now, with an app like this on your mobile! ShopSavvy is a free mobile app which helps you match prices from different stores, enabling you to grab the best deals on your favorite brands. It also sends alerts on tempting daily or weekly deals from the malls you choose to shop from.

In case you want to search for a specific product or store, simply search by keyword or by product bar code, and all the information you need will flash on your screen in a jiffy, along with the lowest prices they are available at!

BigOven – 350,000+ Recipes

One of the most popular recipe apps, BigOven has been awarded as the ‘Best app for Foodies’ and the ‘Best App for Eating In’ by Times magazine and PC magazine. BigOven helps you get ideas for your next meal, with the added advantages of going through the reviews and ratings of fellow home cooks. It comes with features like Menu Planner and Grocery List Maker, and also has recipes to help you use up the leftover food in your fridge.

The app boasts of some 350,000 odd recipes that make use of seasonal ingredients and ones that are suited to your individual lifestyle and diet preferences, making cooking more interesting than ever before!

Google Play Store…Personal & Women Safety App

Google Play Store… Gps Tracker and Family Tracker


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