Cities have the capacity to provide for everyone only when they are created by everyone


The change we seek…India is. The constant flux of a nation under development ensures a rich and varied culture of socio-political equations. Enter the construction and infrastructure industry and the complexities of added economics increase.

‘India Under Construction’ aims to be a looking glass to capture this flux on a media platform.

IUC is a dialogue confluence of how smart management and planning have made some cites and rural basins, the benchmarks for habitat development. It is a platform to share and network on consequential ideas that engage communities undergoing rapid divides. The consequential inference would be the balancing act of projects and plans, which changed the social order of the big, divide between the city, the “burbs” and the village.

Smart Society

In his seminal address “Urban chaos or Indian ethos”, mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik urged planners and designers to have an understanding and acceptance of the Indian society construct as being unique to its people and its culture. He presented example after example to elucidate that what fits the world may render itself unfit in India as “Made in India”, he argued, had very distinct connotations. He exhorted the builders of India to be empathetic of that implication.

There has never been a more urgent time to insist on that empathy.

A mostly clueless but ambitious Indian government and enthusiastic industry have ensured that urban India has reached its tipping point. Growth, as most predict, will be unprecedented and irreversible. The latest catalyst to hasten this change is the government’s announcement of creating 98 smart cities in India.

Hailed to be the magic wand that will decimate the average urbanites woes, the promise of cities that provide a range of economic activities and employment opportunities, ostensibly to all classes of people and provide them with “a very high quality of life (comparable with any developed European city)” in the guise of a smart city is as admirable as it is ludicrous.

The fact is that current discourse mostly addresses the implementation of new technologies in our cities and really feels no need to justify how the techno-smart city utopia would improve the quality of life, or how it could beneficial to citizens in tangible terms.

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