25+ Best Safety Apps for Women, College Students and Every Citizen in our Society

Hello, friends! Today I am back with the best article which helps everyone to be safe in the society. Especially girls need these type of best android Safety Apps to be safe in their daily lives. Nowadays everyone is seeking for security in the society. When a girl or a person goes out, their family members are worried till they return to home. Many of them are worried to travel alone in cabs due to lack of security. Based on all these situations I have a thought of creating security with simple android apps. From this idea, I have written 25+ best android safety apps for girls, Women, college students and every citizen in our society. Hope this article helps you all.

1. bsafe

With the press of a single button, this application conveys instant messages to the picked contact numbers. In the free form, a security net of a guardian can be made, who reacted quickly. While in subscribed version, you can appreciate two levels of security including Risk Mode and Timer Mode. The first tracks the ongoing area with GPS technology while the last one backing programmed(automatic) alert activation feature.

the bsafe app comes up with several features like

  • Unlimited friends,
  • Alert friends,
  • I’m here
  • fake call
  • Timer
  • Follow me

these features to make you feel safe.

Click here to download

2. SafeTrek

The SafeTrek application is an emergency app that gives you a chance to alert the cops when you are in a risky circumstance, yet with a safeguard in the event that you don’t need help.When you launch the application you put your thumb on the Safe button. On the off chance that you release your thumb off the button, you are requested that enter a 4-digit code. if you didn’t enter the code, the police are notified. if you do, nothing happens

This is a decent approach to be prepared on the off chance that the situation is flawed, however, you don’t know without a doubt it’s a great opportunity to caution the police. Be that as it may, if the situation gets risky, you can convey the call for help without being obvious about it.

Click here to download

3. Guardly

A magnificent mobile application that is planned as per the women security most extreme needs. This application empowers the client to place telephone calls to the recorded contacts, “The persons whom you consider will react instantly to the emergency calls/messages” alongside the name, ongoing area and sort of emergency. This feature makes it not the same as other accessible applications.

In Subscribed Version, Offers the responders to be associated with phone calls.
and Paid Version This version offers the real time tracking facility.

Click here to download

4. Safetipin

“Safetipin” is a map based free application that lets clients make circles of interests around their neighborhood or office or anyplace else in the city. Any post through the application in any of these circles will appear on a divider labeled for that circle.

“The specific circle can then be audited by the user who can tell others whether a stretch of street or a spot inside that circle has satisfactory road lighting or road transport or not all that that others may maintain a strategic distance from that route,”

“The user can share pictures and express how he/she is feeling while going by any piece of the city and that data would be imparted to the separate circle. Safetipin gives a guide to its user which shows regions of the city that are unsafe (in red), moderately safe (orange) and safe (green).

“The reason behind Safetipin is that citizen in safety will make more secure neighborhoods and cities through decreasing tolerance and violence against women,”.

Click here to download

5. Famy Family chat and Locator app

If you are a parent who has a truculent child, or one who needs to watch over an adolescent kid who has an issue with “individual space”, this may be the locator application you require.

The application gets your precise GPS area and shares the area to the gathering. Obviously, the individual whose area is being shared can pick when their area can be unveiled yet the application also stays informed concerning every previous location and will let users send an SOS message alarm when essential.

Google Play Store…. Personal & Women Safety App

Google Play Store… GPS Tracker & Family Tracker


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