Amazing Women Safety Mobile Application

Women safety is a big issue for Indian government now days. Since The Nirbhaya gang rape in December 2012 many women safety app now available into play store.

The functionality of all the apps is almost similar – a user set emergency contact, SMS alert, GPS tracking & Location determines and other features SOS, alarm set etc. Some of the other features are –

  1. Call back – This will make your phone ring a few minutes later allowing you to get out of an uncomfortable situation
  2. Call me – Your friends will get a message asking them to call you back.
  3. Scream -This is a loud screaming sound that will scare off anyone that may be harassing you.
  4. Where are you’? Using this, you can invite a set of friends or family members to show you their           present location.  It is effectively a family locator or a friend locator.
  5. ‘SOS’. This should only be used in a real emergency situation and will trigger a loud alarm on your  friends’ phone.

We have here a list of 10 apps built with personal safety for women in mind, made for Android.

Safetipin: Complete Safety App

Safetipin is a personal & women safety app designed to keep you safe. All the safety features are available into this app such as GPS tracking, emergency, direction to safe location, pins showing safe and unsafe areas, and a Safety Score. Safetipin is available in English, Hindi Bahasa and Spanish.

Download it today!



Rakhsa: Women Safety Alert

Rakhsa – women safety alert app is launched by Chandigarh police during Traffic Auditorium event. Raksha app – Ensuring women’s safety, just at the press of a button your near and dear ones know your location. Your selected contacts can see your location and you can even ask them to show theirs. A distress signal just by pressing a single key sends out a loud buzzer to your near and dear ones.

Download it today!


bSafe – Personal Safety App

bsafe is also a personal and women safety app designed to keep you safe 24*7. bSafe puts safety in YOUR hand – for FREE! Set up your own personal social safety network today. Have you ever felt unsafe when walking alone at night or jogging on a running trail? Have you ever needed an excuse to get out of a bad date or long meeting, or simply been looking for an easier way to hook up with your closest friends? Have you ever worried about how you actually would get help in case of an emergency?

Download it today!


Family Locator

Life360 is a multipurpose way to connect with your family members and friends at their location. Within life 360 you can create circle of your family member, friends and loved ones and chat with them.

You can also check location of your circle member with the help of life360.

Download it today!



Himmat is also a women safety app of Delhi Police. It was launched by Home Minister Rajnath Singh. This is a free women safety app designed for women in Delhi. In this app User needs to register at Delhi Police website. After successful registration, user gets registration key (OTP) which needs to be entered to complete application configuration.

Download it today!



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