Ahok Urges Safety Pin Application, Prevent Child Abuse


TEMPO.CO , Jakarta : The high rate of abuse against children and women made ​​a new breakthrough. One is through the application of safety pins, namely the application of the reporting of abuse against children and women who are still in the stage of waiting. Applications are earmarked by women and children are still in the stage of waiting for the translation of the UN women’s organization. According to Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama on Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 at City Hall, Jakarta, confirmed it had asked from a year ago. But until now there has been no further confirmation. Parties that take care of the safety pin to be used that Jakarta residents will still be handled by the United Nations. According to the man who called this Ahok, it already has another alternative, when the application of safety pin still can not be done. Direct public can report cases of abuse to the city government. “Although there is no safety pin citizens can already enter our application and can report the case” said Ahok After the safepin out, then later all reporting harassment experienced by women and children in Indonesia accessible open. Ahok hope with the whole world can access a safety pin, the whole world can know when Indonesia actually pass safeguards against child and women abuse and become part of a global movement in the security of women and children. BIMA Sandria.

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