The smartphone in the service of your safety: Safetipin


Travel the world and discover new places is definitely an experience that can greatly enrich a person, but sometimes it can also become a danger to his own person: explore unconsciously places unsafe, in fact, is unfortunately the best way to expose yourself to risksit would be preferable to avoid.

Fortunately, our smartphone can become a useful tool to inform us on what to expect in a particular place and to help us in case of need.

How to know the dangers that surround us

Safetipin is based on using a simple map to know the places in which we would like to move: every user of the application, in fact, can add a “pin” on a place that knows, warning of the hazards , or simply reporting temporary problems that could compromise the peace, as a broken streetlight that causes large dark areas unsafe.

The app, using all reports, will subsequently be assigned to a zone a ” security rating “ , summarizing the overall impressions of the users thus providing a quick overview for those who plans to visit a particular place.

Safetipin then offers many other features, such as a mode “Wall”, which will allow you to display on a bulletin board all signals close to your location, to express your approval on all of them or to interact with other users by adding comments. You can also set the emergency numbers to contact in case of difficulty, or give other users the ability to track your location , so as to be always available even in the most unpleasant.


Safetipin is an application that includes a lot of really useful option, unfortunately limited by thelack of ease of use interface, which requires practice and habit to be put to good use with dignity. We trust, however, in future updates, which improves this aspect will make it really a tool for making the world a safer place for all.

Below you will find the badge for free download Safetipin

Google Play Store…  Personal & Women Safety App


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