IHE Safety Audit Report

Safetipin and the students of Institute of Home Economics at the University of Delhi undertook a

project to conduct safety audits in the college’s neighbourhood. The students of the Department of

Human Development began the semester long initiative by first building a perspective on Gender

and Mobility in the ambit of social justice. The students then had a training session on how to

conduct safety audits using the Safetipin App.

IHE copy

The students were then asked to create routes around their college where safety audits would be

conducted. Several safety audit walks were conducted in the Hauz Khas, Green Park, Siri Fort, IIT

Delhi area. The findings from the audits were then compiled into a report using the analytics engine

of Safetipin. The report was released on the 16th of April 2015 by Dr. Kalpana Viswanath the Co-

founder of Safetipin and Satinder Singh the SHO of Hauz Khas Police Station in the presence of the

Principal, faculty and students of IHE.

The report documents the condition of the infrastructure around the college in detail and makes

several recommendations on how the area can be made safer for students and the larger

community. The exercise of closely inspecting their college campus and their city has allowed the

students to build valuable perspective on gender, mobility and urban planning. The Safetipin team is

excited to work with other colleges and universities to carry out similar programs.

See at More… safetipindotcom.Blogspot.in

Website : Family Tacker and Personal Safety for Women

Google Play Store : Personal Safety App for Women

Apple Play StorePersonal Safety App for Women


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